Dubai: (Al JABER Group)

GPS Core business is EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of integrated and stand-alone process module packages, for the upstream and downstream energy sectors.Based in Dubai with workshops at Mufraq-Abu- Dhabi Port. GPS do all the works in house. Strong point:They cover complete Gas Treatment Plants in house: Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing and Commissioning. Global Consulting is representing GPS-Intl. in all North Africa from Mauritania to Libya, including Egypt, Irak and Kurdistan Can handle EPCC up to 300 Million US$.


EMKAN HOLDING is an investment holding company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with business interest in various sectors like oil & gas, energy, contracting, pharmaceutical, heavy steel fabrication, ready-mix, and real estate. It is one of the prominent groups in Kingdom with more than 55 years of cumulative experience and having our Head Office in Eastern Province. EMKAN has extended investment outreach internationally through subsidiary offices in Bahrain, Egypt, and India.EMKAN HOLDING Turnover is above one Billion US$. Strong point:The HOLDING comprises 16 companies acting in different sectors and interacting/complementing each other, among which we can cite: ALESSA Group for contracting; PETROUIM Vision; SAMIF, ROCK….Single companies can handle projects up to 100 Mio US$/ single projec


ÇETİNSAN was founded in 1994 in Mersin Industrial Area. Specialized in Steel structures and tank farms with proven complete references for several Oil & Gas operators: OPET Petroleum, Inc/ BP /SNC Lavalin… ÇETİNSAN Inc. has continuously developed its investments to take its outstanding place as a leading name amongst region’s fast growing companies that have significant contributions in employment. ÇETİNSAN Inc. has 350 permanent employees, at the 20,000 square meters fabrication area and 12,000 square meters of which is covered area. Production capacity is about 20.000 tons of steel per annum and is a leading name of the sector with the three million cubic meter petroleum terminals it has built all over Turkey. ÇETİNSAN Inc. is certified: ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001; ISO 45001; EN-ISO 3834-2 and has all the ASME U and S certifications

Nirmal Industrial Controls,

NIRMAL INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS PVT LTD.Nirmal has today emerged as the pioneer and leader in India, in the field of self-actuated pressure control valves, low pressure nitrogen blanketing systems, gas pressure reducing station with safety shut off & metering skidsFor Natural Gas Industry, Nirmal is specialized in offering one-stop solutions for design, development, manufacture, installation & commissioning of pre-fabricated skids for natural gas transmission and distribution applications, which include: Natural Gas Conditioning Skids; City Gate Stations (CGS); District Regulating Stations (DRS); Industrial Pressure Regulating Stations (IPRS); Metering & Regulating Stations (MRS); Fiscal Metering Skids; Gas Pre-Heaters / Dryers / Odouriser Unit; CNG Decompression Skids.

TRAGEDEL - Central African Republic

EPC Contractor in the field of STREET lighting, rural electrification, MT and LV power transmission lines, industrial electricity, renewable energies and small water treatment projects.


IMASA actually leads a group of multidisciplinary companies with presence in different sectors and industries, and with over 1,200 employees. These companies led by IMASA develop their activities in the fields of: Engineering and EPC projects,Manufacturing,Industrial maintenance and erection,Energy EPC,Environment,Industrial supplies

CRYOCAN – Turkey

Manufacturer of LPG and NGL storage tanks and pressure vessels, LPG Bottling plants (Carrousel). Strong point:Flexibility and wide range coverage.


SEAL FOR LIFE is a leading group of companies providing protective coating with multiple coating technologies focused on corrosion prevention, fire & temperature protection, and cathodic protection for renewables, energy, water, infrastructure, flooring and preservation applications. The Group is providing sealing solutions for different infrastructures including but not limited to RENEWABLE ENERGY COATINGS, ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE COATINGS, INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION & MAINTENANCE COATINGS, COMMODITY PIPELINE COATINGS; WATER & DESALINATION COATINGS; OFFSHORE COATINGS; SAFETY & INTEGRITY SOLUTIONS, ENERGY TRANSITION AND HYDROGEN.


Well reputed and specialized in Water Treatment (Sewage, Desalination…). We are supporting their development in Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania and West Africa. Strong point: EPC for Water Plants and support for financing their Projects. Can handle EPCC up to 200 Million US$. The Group is providing sealing solutions for different infrastructures including but not limited to RENEWABLE ENERGY COATINGS, ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE COATINGS, INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION & MAINTENANCE COATINGS, COMMODITY PIPELINE COATINGS; WATER & DESALINATION COATINGS; OFFSHORE COATINGS; SAFETY & INTEGRITY SOLUTIONS, ENERGY TRANSITION AND HYDROGEN.


BARETTI is a worldwide supplier of equipment for oil and chemical industries. The main technologies and components cover distillation, absorption, stripping, liquid/liquid extraction, phase’s separation and marine loading arms. BARETTI provides Marine Loading Arm since 50 years to international companies. Strong point: BARETTI products are specifically designed and manufactured to suit the project or client specifications. This means that all products are unique and Tailor-made to the specific application.


SICOM ITALIA is specialized in the supply of integrated packages of steel and special alloy piping products, to be used in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Water Treatment and Pharmaceutical Industries. The Company has more than 50 years of experience and more than 5000 Km of pipe sold over more than 100 countries. The Product range includes but not limited to: - SEAMLESS AND WELDED PIPES - SEAMLESS AND WELDED BW FITTINGS - STUD-BOLTS, BOLTS AND NUTS - FORGED AND CAST VALVES - FORGED FITTINGS BW – SW – THRD - SPECIAL PREFABRICATED PRODUCTS - FLANGES AND GASKETS - INSULATING JOINTS - GENERALLY PIPING PRODUCTS FOR OIL & GAS RELATED SOLD BY THE SUPPLIER.


ODERCO INC. is specialized in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of oilfield drilling equipment and rig packages including various topsides of fixed and floating offshore structures. ODERCO provides engineering and design services for ODERCO’s resources include its experience, established operating, engineering, and oilfield service personnel. This experience is established in designing and manufacturing rig ups to 5000 HP for full field developments. Its operation maintains a skilled engineering department who is responsible for the design and construction of “purpose built” rigs to suit specific oil company requirements. The technical staff averages more than fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry. ODERCO Products includes: Offshore Rig Packages Land Rig Packages Mobile Rigs - Trailer Mounted Rigs Offshore Cranes Masts Derricks Substructures Rig Movers Jacking Systems Pipe Racking Equipment B.O.P. Handling Systems Drawworks Pumps Rotary Tables Deadline Anchors Casing Stabbing Boards Casing Stabbing Baskets Top Drives Traveling Blocks Iron Roughnecks Hydraulic Catheads Hydraulic Power Units

STREICHER Drilling Technology GmbH- Germany

STREICHER Drilling Technology GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA. Together with the division drilling technology, the focus of the company is planning and construction of onshore and offshore modular drilling rigs, mobile drilling rigs, horizontal, vertical and slanted drilling rigs, as well as single component manufacturing, after-sales and services. Also, the company with its Well Control Service Center based in Germany, is the leading provider of Well Control Services in Europe. The main purpose is always to provide innovative and smart repair solutions to reduce the lifecycle cost of its customers’ Well Control Equipment.

Global Consulting & Project Services

 has in addition a selected range of local Tunisian Partners with whom we are linked at high level and treat in case by case. Our Tunisian Partners’ main line of activities covers the following:

A High Quality Industrial Services